BBQ boat – That’s great sailing

Have you ever thought about sailing on a BBQ boat? Lovely dining with a beautiful view of the background. We from Event on thet water would like to welcome you on one of our BBQ ships.

Lovely boating through the canals of Amsterdam or through the ports of Rotterdam. A BBQ to remember for every festive occasion: birthday, wedding, company party, bachelor party or anniversary.

Impersonal rooms are a thing of the past. Have a nice trip!

BBQ Boat

Good food on the BBQ boat

    • Service of the highest quality
    • Nicely dressed boats, good service and delicious dishes
    • Relatively low prices
    • Deal=Deal. You can always count on that!

Request a no-obligation quote today for a delicious BBQ on the water. Would you like to know more about the possibilities? . Please contact us so we can tell you more about the possibilities.

Barbecue boat hire at Event on the water

Do you already see yourself enjoying beer, wine or soda on one of our BBQ boats? Then choose one BBQ boat for hire. We offer something for everyone and always think along with you. You also determine the route. Our skipper will take you to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Den Bosch or maybe even Belgium.

Are some persons in the group vegetarian or are there other wishes? No problem at all. Feel free to let us know so we can take it in consideration. All dishes are marinated in our own kitchen and we also make all the matching sauces ourselves. Enjoy good food!

BBQ package
Sailing through the canals on the BBQ boat in Amsterdam

Sail with the BBQ boat to Amsterdam and meander through the canals of Amsterdam. You will enjoy the beautiful weather with a drink at hand and you will taste delicious dishes. Wait till you see what’s about to hit in historic Amsterdam. From modern architecture to the former port areas of Amsterdam.

The ultimate outing in Amsterdam

Get on the BBQ boat in Amsterdam and experience the ultimate outing with good food and good company. Everything has been thought on the boat: nice seats, safety measures and good sanitary facilities. The food, drinks, the skipper and other crew and of course the boat are all included.

BBQ boat in Rotterdam: Enjoy on the water

Besides Amsterdam, our BBQ boat also calls at Rotterdam. Get on board and relax completely. You toast a tasty tender piece of meat to your liking while looking out over the Maasstad. Sail under the Erasmus Bridge and wave to the passers-by.

Together with your family, friends or colleagues you will enjoy a wonderful afternoon on the water of Rotterdam. Sailing will never be the same thanks to the BBQ boat in Rotterdam!

We do everything we can to give you and your guests an unforgettable trip

BBQ boat

BBQ packages

We offer various BBQ packages for all kinds of parties and celebrations. From a standard BBQ menu to a BBQ Deluxe with the best meat and fish.

Our BBQ packages in a row:

A walking diner or a high tea

We have many more packages for special occasions. How about a buffet, a high tea with your girlfriends, a walking dinner or a Food Court arrangement. Whatever package you go for, you will have an unforgettable experience with your loved ones.

Party on our party cruiser or party boat

Besides a BBQ boat we also manage and rent out other boats. Among other things a special canal boat and several party cruisers and party boats. As soon as we release the ropes, the party breaks loose!

Choose the BBQ boat

Does a BBQ on a boat sound like music to your ears? Contact us today for more information or to rent a boat. Would you first like to know what the costs of the BBQ packages are? Feel free to ask for a non-binding offer. Then you know exactly what to expect.

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