BBQ, drinks and party boat

We would like to welcome you to the Website of Event on the Water. Thanks to us, festive events in impersonal and boring rooms are over. Instead, you can now sail while enjoying a delicious snack and drink. But also from the view and your company of course! We do everything we can to make it an unforgettable day for you and your guests. And we’re happy to do that

Go sailing!

Sailing will never be the same again

Meet Event on the water: the company that ensures that sailing is never the same whether it’s a BBQ, drinks or party boat. Our goal is to ensure that our guests have an unforgettable day. No matter which day Whether you’re celebrating your 50th anniversary or it’s time for the annual company event, we at Event on the water like to contribute to a perfect day. For you and for your guests!

Barbecuing on the BBQ, drinks and party boat

BBQ, drinks and party boatBBQ, drinks and party boatEohW

On the BBQ boatyou can enjoy grilled dishes and all kinds of alcoholic snacks. Or order fresh at the bar! Lovely sailing through the canals of Amsterdam or the port area of Maasstad Rotterdam Choose from the different ships with all their own character. With us you will find something for every budget. And that for the best price!

Lovely drinks on the BBQ, drinks and party boat

Have a drink on the drinks boat while you sail. With a sun in the back or inside during bad weather. That sounds good, right? On the drink boat in Amsterdam or Rotterdamfor example, while enjoying a snack and a drink from the drink package and your company of course. Friends, family, colleagues…. And then we’re not even talking about the view, that’s phenomenal!

Nothing is too crazy for us

Party on the BBQ, drinks and party boat

A trip on the party boatturns every festive occasion into a great party! Our goal? Make sure you experience a splashing day that you often think back with a good feeling. All our ships have professional and high quality equipment, but there is no shortage of the best bar facilities. In short: we make every party a success! Whether you want to rent a party boat in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, everything is possible at Event on the water.

Years of practical experience, a large network and empathy, make us achieve the best result with each other!

BBQ, drinks and party boatBBQ, drinks and party boatEohW

All the ingredients for a splashing event

Will you be organizing an event soon? Fun! A bachelor party, a big dance party, a corporate event or a business event? Take a look at our many ships and choose the ship that best suits your event. For example, the Docks 1 is very suitable for a large event and the Staets is very suitable for a ride through the Amsterdam canals.

Do you need help choosing the right ship for your event? No problem, we are happy to provide you with expert advice. Feel free to contact us or request a free quote!

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Event on the Water
Sailing will never be the same again