Drinks boat in Rotterdam and surroundings

Rent a drinks boat in Rotterdam to organize a nice drink for your colleagues or friends. We would like to welcome you at boat rental company Event on the water. All our colleagues make every social event a unique success. After all, a drink event on one of our ships is not like the drink event everyone knows.

Thanks to our drinks boat in Rotterdam, sailing will never be the same again. Experience our quality service for yourself!

“Guaranteed an amazing boat trip on the waters of Rotterdam”

Drinks boat in Rotterdam Drinks boat in Rotterdam Drinks boat in Rotterdam

Drink boat in Rotterdam for a low price

    • Service of the best quality
    • Beautifully decorated boats, good service and delicious snacks
    • Relatively low prices
    • Deal=Deal. You can always count on it!

Are you curious about a drink on a boat? Or would you like to make a reservation or request a free quote? Feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to help

Drinks boat in Rotterdam through the ports of Rotterdam

It is quite an experience to sail on the drinks boat in Rotterdam. In the ports of Rotterdam people work day and night. How would you like to sail between tugboats and seagoing vessels?

A unique and true experience

The trip on the drinks boatcan be called a unique and true experience. Step aboard and enjoy a snack and a drink. We do everything we can to make it an unforgettable day for you and your colleagues or friends.

“ We are Event on the water: thanks to us, sailing is never the same again”.

Drink boat in Amsterdam

Besides Rotterdam, the boat also sails in the direction of Amsterdam. Wander through the canals of Amsterdam and enjoy all the beauty in our capital. Experience the beautiful historical and modern architecture in the centre and beyond. Wave to the tourists and to the pleasure boats. A trip on the drinks boat through Amsterdam is never boring.

Drinks in other cities

You can sail with a drink boat in Rotterdam, but in consultation a lot is possible! Perhaps you would prefer to sail on the waters of Den Bosch, or do you have a preference for Utrecht or Arnhem, then of course this is possible. But also Volendam as a stopover is an option. Then you can get a fresh fish and take a look at the dike.

“Drinks boat for every party.”

All the ingredients for a successful drink

We have all the ingredients for a successful drink on the drinks boat in Rotterdam. So with us, you can enjoy services of quality level. Our boats are nicely decorated and equipped with high quality audiovisual equipment. But also when it comes to food and drink, you will not be short of anything. We have excellent bar facilities.

Drinks boat in Rotterdam, choose a unique drink

Would you also like to take a trip on our drinks boat through Rotterdam? Take a look between our ships, choose one and request a free quote. Before you know it, you will be sailing in beautiful waters while enjoying a nice drink. Event on the water has all the ingredients for a successful drink and other celebrations.

If you have a question about our company or the services we offer, please call us or send us an e-mail. You can reach us by phone at 06-23616331. Our e-mail address is info@eventophetwater.nl.

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